Unsafe Lane Change Leads to Accident in Lancaster County

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January 18, 2018
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January 20, 2018

Posted January 19, 2018 

unsafe lane changeTwo people were injured in an accident yesterday morning in Lancaster County after a 44-year-old man made a sudden lane change. When he made the lane change, his car hit the median, which sent him spiraling back into another vehicle. The vehicle that was struck rolled onto its side and blocked the right-hand lane as well as part of the left, making it impossible for some vehicles to pass. The man was taken to a trauma center and the other vehicle driver was rushed to a community hospital directly after the accident. Though the roadways didn’t have to be completely closed, they were backed up for miles.

The driver that caused the accident was cited for a suspended license, expired inspection, and lack of updated registration. A witness said that, earlier on Route 222 before the crash took place, the vehicle was driving recklessly.

Unsafe Lane Change Accidents 

Drivers miscalculate and make unsafe lane changes every single day, leading to very serious accidents in the U.S. Most commonly, they stem from distracted driving, driving recklessly, speeding, poor driving conditions, and other causes. Most of the time, these accidents involve multiple other vehicles, as a sudden lane change mean one vehicle runs into another, while others are forced to stop abruptly.

Have you been injured due to a driver who made a sudden lane change? Unsafe lane changes often lead to serious injuries, which could lead to a civil lawsuit for damages. In these cases, the plaintiff could be awarded monetary damages to compensate for things like medical expenses, hospital bills, lost wages, and property damage. If you have been injured due to the recklessness of another, it helps to have witnesses that can attest to what happened, just as in the accident happening in Lancaster yesterday.

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