Shaun Robert Fox, 29, Charged for Causing Crash That Injured Jovan Alexander and Two others at Croton Avenue and Haus Way

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Jovan Alexander and Two Children Injured in New Castle 2-Car Collision; Shaun Robert Fox Arrested

Jovan Alexander

Shaun Robert Fox, 29, Charged for Causing Crash That Injured Jovan Alexander and Two others at Croton Avenue and Haus Way

New Castle, Pennsylvania (August 1, 2017) – A Hickory Township man was charged for leaving the crash scene in which a woman and two children were injured.

The collision happened at 8:20 p.m. Saturday, July 29 at Croton Avenue and Haus Way.

29-year-old Shaun Robert Fox was driving a red Jeep Grand Cherokee southbound on Haus Way when he pulled in front of a Toyota Corolla heading westbound on Croton Avenue and driven by India Thomas, 31, of Euclid Avenue. The two vehicles collided and Shaun drove away from the scene.

Three people were injured in the crash. Jovan Alexander, 35, of Moody Avenue who was a passenger in the front seat of the Toyota complained of lower back and neck pain. A 5-year-old girl in a booster seat in the back seat was complaining of head pain and an 8-year-old boy seated behind the driver’s seat complained of elbow injury. Alexander and the 5-year-old child were taken to the hospital via an ambulance.

Fox was later arrested by New Wilmington Borough police on Route 956 and was put in custody. He faces several charges including personal injury, reckless and careless driving, and failure to stop and give information and render aid. Additional charges may be pending by New Wilmington police.

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