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September 23, 2018
Injury Accident in Darlington Township

Darlington Township, PA – Two Dead in Fatal Injury Accident

One Injured and Two Dead in Injury Accident Darlington Township, PA (September 23, 2018) On the morning of September 23rd, an injury accident took place at the intersection of Constitution Boulevard and Little Beaver Road in Beaver County. Officials state that around 10:45  a.m., a 62-year-old named Janet P. Feezle crashed head-on into another vehicle. When emergency responders arrived at the scene, they discovered that Feezle suffered fatal injuries. There were two adults and one child in the second vehicle. Unfortunately, the passenger in the second vehicle also suffered fatal injuries. His name was Walter Nelson and he was 29 […]
September 23, 2018
Five-Person Injury Collisions in Hampton

Hampton, PA – Box Truck Involved in Five-Person Injury Collisions

Police Investigates Five-Person Injury Collisions Hampton Township, PA (September 22, 2018) On the morning of September 22nd, five-person injury collisions occurred on Wildwood Road and Gloria Drive a little after 9:00 a.m. Officials state a box truck hit several vehicles then went over hillside in Hampton Township. The collision shut down Wildwood Road, from West Hardies to Hardt Roads. Emergency responders arrived at the scene to transport the injured victims to a nearby hospital. The Hampton police are currently investigating the accident. Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania Whenever regular-sized vehicles are involved in accidents that also involve trucks, the drivers and […]
September 22, 2018
Five-Person Injury Accident in Franklin Township

Franklin Township, PA – Five-Person Injury Accident on Route 51

Police Investigate Five-Person Injury Accident Franklin Township, PA (September 21, 2018) On the evening of September 20th, a five-person injury accident happened on Route 51 at the corner of Smock Road and Pittsburgh Road in Fayette County. Officials state that the accident took place at approximately 9:21 p.m. At least two vehicles were involved in the accident, and they both caught fire after they collided. The Smock Fire Department arrived at the scene to help extinguish the fire. When the Fayette EMS arrived, they discovered that five people were involved in the accident. Three people suffered injuries and two people […]
September 20, 2018
Important Steps to Take After Slip and Fall Accident in Pennsylvania

Important Steps to Take After Slip and Fall Accident in Pennsylvania

Most people assume they know what they would do after being involved in a slip and fall accident, yet victims too often express regret about having forgotten to take specific actions. In most cases, the confusion is entirely understandable. Slip and fall accidents happen suddenly but can leave victims with their entire lives changed forever. Some injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), involve lifetimes of rehabilitation efforts. If you or your loved one was seriously injured in a slip and fall accident in Pennsylvania, you will want to contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP immediately. Call (888) 208-1810 today […]