When Multi-Vehicle Collisions Lead to Serious Injuries

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January 28, 2018
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January 29, 2018

Posted on January 28, 2018

Yesterday morning in Philadelphia, 2 people were left injured after an SUV collided with multiple vehicles. Officers who arrived at the scene said that the SUV was traveling southbound in northbound lanes when the other vehicles were struck. The accident was so severe that firefighters had to cut through the vehicles to free the victims so they could be transported to a medical center to be treated for serious injuries. Multi-vehicle collisions almost always cause serious injuries due to how many vehicles are involved and the way in which they crash. Let’s take a further look at these accidents.

What Happens in Multi-Vehicle Collisions 

multi-vehicle collisionsTypically, multi-vehicle accidents happen due to the force of a first collision. For instance, let’s say that one vehicle rear-ends another. The force could push it into a last car, or even more vehicles. There is no limit to how many vehicles could be involved in these serious accidents, also known as “chain reaction” accidents. Sometimes, they occur due to the negligence of one party. In other cases, the carelessness of multiple drivers could lead to serious injuries. This is why it is difficult to litigate these issues in a lawsuit at times, because it may be hard to identify the liable party.

It is important to understand what you should do if you have been injured in one of these accidents. Like any accident, it is important to exchange your information with all drivers involved, such as insurance and more. You should always call the police to make an accident report as well. Sometimes, skid marks and vehicle debris involved in the accident can paint a better picture of exactly what happened.

How We Help Pinpoint Fault 

There are many issues at play in these accidents besides drivers alone: bad weather, road construction, and other car accidents. In most states, the jury will look at multiple angles of the accident and assign fault to each defendant. This means that, in your case, damages could be limited if you played any role in causing your own injuries if they decide to assign percentage of fault.

As you can see, these cases can become vastly complicated because there are usually many parties involved and not just one. In your time of need, we are here for you to help you get the results you deserve. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we care about your case, no matter how big or small. Call us as soon as possible to get started on your claim, at 888-208-1810.

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