Hong Liang Lin Killed in Route 283 Accident Due to Road Conditions

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Posted on February 10, 2018

Wednesday morning, a car crash on Route 283 in Pennsylvania took the life of a 30-year-old man. This man’s name was just released: Hong Liang Lin of Harrisburg. He was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene of the crash at milemaker 16. He lost control of his BMW due to poor road conditions and struck the concrete pillar in the middle. He was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the accident.

Every year in PA as the weather drops to low temperatures and snow begins to fall as ice begins to lay, road accidents increase. Accidents involving other parties could bring claims for injuries, especially when these adverse conditions have caused very serious and lasting injuries.

Was it a Driver or the City?

Hong Liang LinUsually, our minds instantly tell us that the other driver involved in our accident is responsible for our injuries in an accident with bad road conditions. This is sometimes true. Sometimes, a driver lost control because they were speeding, driving distracted, or some other type of negligent driving that led to our accident.

In other cases, the city or state could be responsible if they did not take proper precautions to care for the roadways by de-icing the roads. However, you must be able to then show that a specific agency was responsible for maintaining the roads and failed to do so.

In wrongful death claims, if you have lost a loved one due to one of these serious accidents, you will have to determine the liable party so that you can be compensated for losses on behalf of your loved one. In any event, you will need the help of an experienced attorney for every step of your case. Call us today at Edelstein Martin & Nelson for more information on how we can help, at 888-208-1810. Our condolences are with the family of Hong Liang Lin at this time.



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