Franklin County Car Crash: Multiple Vehicles Involved

Tractor Trailer Crash Closed Portion of Pennsylvania Highway
February 7, 2018
Robert Massie Jr., Owner of Bob Massie Toyota Dealership, Killed in Car Crash
February 9, 2018

Posted on February 8, 2018 

This morning, a Franklin County car crash involving multiple vehicles closed all lanes of I-81 north between Exits 16 and 17. The crash happened early this morning, right around 7 a.m., leading to traffic being routes off I-81 at Exit 14. Multi-vehicle crashes have been happening spontaneously around Pennsylvania this past week as weather took a turn for the worst and snow and ice have coated many roadways. Just like the Franklin County car crash, many multi-vehicle accidents have happened at alarming rates, involving many different parties and few injuries.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents: A Serious Type of Accident 

Franklin County car crashAbout 6 million car accidents happen every year across our country. Of these millions of accidents, about 1/3 involve multi-vehicle accidents, also known as multi-vehicle collisions or pile-ups. In most of these cases, one driver was distracted, setting off a massive chain reaction that leads to injuries from all parties: passenger vehicles, motorcyclists, truck drivers, and more.

These accidents tend to bring more injuries and more fatalities than your average two-car collision. This is due to the fact that you can be hit from many different angles by a variety of different vehicles. Many people become trapped in their vehicles, which could spell out danger because they could receive serious burns or suffocate from lack of oxygen.

Bad weather is cited as one of the main conditions that cause these serious accidents. Accidents involving many vehicles can result due to low visibility from snowfall piling down, or slippery roads from snow and ice not being removed in time. These conditions turn a safe road into a hazardous one, especially on highways with high speed limits. As Pennsylvania struggles with heavy snowfall over the past week and people race to and from work, accidents are bound to happen.

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