Expected Slippery Road Conditions in Lancaster: A Chance for Accidents?

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February 1, 2018
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Posted on February 1, 2018

With tomorrow morning bringing unexpected, slippery road conditions, Lancaster County is projected to have unsafe roads with a drop in temperature. The National Weather Service predicts that rain is supposed to start in Lancaster before this evening, continuing on through the night, where temperatures drop and snow may result. The combination of precipitation and dropping temperatures is supposed to create a mix that could lead to icy spots on many roads for those heading to work and school early Friday morning. There is also snowfall expected sometime this weekend in Lancaster County. The weather service has reached out to those who commute to ensure that they are prepared for adverse conditions.

Winter Weather Continues

road conditionsWith winter weather just beginning in some parts of the country, Lancaster County is no stranger, having already seen many bouts of snow within the county. Many drivers understand that winter weather can cause a variety of hazardous road conditions, which makes driving dangerous for many and increases the possibility of an injury-causing or fatal accident. Some of the conditions that lead to these accidents include black ice, heavy snowfall, and roads that have not yet been cleared of snow. One of the issues is that, even with adverse road conditions, many people continue to drive too quickly for the conditions, which can lead to the most devastating accidents when traveling over ice at fast speeds.

For example, what happens if a vehicle slides through an intersection into another vehicle, or somebody loses control and slides into the other lane, hitting somebody head-on? Your first instinct in your personal accident is probably to assume that the weather caused the accident. However, usually the driver plays some degree of fault in these accidents, because most accidents could have been prevented with precautions taken.

Drivers Owe You a Duty of Care 

Other drivers on the roadways owe a duty of care while they are driving. Everybody should be prepared for any weather conditions. You wouldn’t watch the news and see a snowy forecast and decide to drive 60 mph while the roads are covered, would you? Unfortunately, every year people avoid the fact that there are bad road conditions that are more likely to contribute to an accident. Be prepared and stay alert this weekend in Lancaster County. And, if you have been injured and need an attorney on your side, call us for help with your case. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we have experience with car accident cases of many types and want to help you every step of the way. Call us now at 888-208-1810.




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