Dealership Employees Rescue an Injured Driver

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January 3, 2018
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Dealership Employees Rescue an Injured Driver

Dealership Employees Rescue an Injured Driver

Dealership Employees Rescue an Injured Driver (December 28, 2017) Following a traffic accident that left a car overturned, several Smail’s Honda dealership employees recuse an injured driver in the overturned car that had caught fire.

In a report by TribLive, Vincent Greco, who worked in the service department of Smail’s Honda Village heard the collision on Route 30 in front of the Helpfield dealership.  Mr. Greco and two of his co-workers rushed outside to find one car flipped over with its engine on fire.  Concerned that the fire would spread, Mr. Greco helped the driver get out of the car while one of his co-workers used a fire extinguisher to suppress the fire in the engine of the inverted vehicle.

The accident happened in the seven o’clock hour along the westbound side of Route 30.  There are limited details about the cause of the accident and the names of the parties in the collision are yet to be released.  We do know from Mr. Greco that the driver he assisted was conscious as he pulled him from the vehicle and indicated that his back was hurting.

The flipped vehicle also caused damage on multiple vehicles in the dealerships lot, two of them reported as Acura RDX 2018 model year sport utility vehicles, each with a list price of more than $40,000.  The pickup didn’t come to rest for nearly 1,000 yards in front of the Smail’s Mercedes Dealership and had damage to its front section.

Hempfield and Greensburg Fire and Ambulance were on the scene and the west side of Route 30 was closed for over an hour while first responders worked the scene.

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