Deadly Tractor-Trailer Car Crash Kills Mother of 2 Infants, Route 72, South of Manheim

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July 26, 2017
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July 26, 2017

Mother  Killed, 2 Infants Rescued in Deadly Manheim Car versus  Tractor-Trailer Crash 

Deadly Manheim Car versus Tractor-Trailer Crash

Deadly Tractor-Trailer Car Crash Kills Mother of 2 Infants, Route 72, South of Manheim

Manheim, Pennsylvania, (July 26, 2017) – A 27-year-old mother was killed in a car, tractor-trailer crash on Route 72, south of Manheim, Pennsylvania, Police said.

2 infants, 18 months and 3 years old, were rescued from the back seat of a silver, 4-door sedan which came to a standstill, under the rear tractor-trailer tires, a witness stated.

The car had crossed the center line and crashed into the tractor-trailer. The truck was heading south while the car was heading north when the collision occurred at 9:15 am, July 24, 2017, across the street from Morgan Automotive.

The 18-month tot was taken to Lancaster General Hospital for treatment and expected to be released later Monday afternoon, said Police.

The older tot, in critical condition, was taken to Hershey Medical Center and underwent surgery, according to Northern Lancaster County Police.

The name of the mother is being withheld until family members are notified. She had just moved to Manheim very recently.

Carlos Rodriguez, 47-year-old driver of the tractor-trailer from Lancaster was taken to the Heart of Lancaster with minor injuries.

The cause of the collision is still unknown and the investigation is ongoing, said police.

Route 72 between Bucknoll and Sun Hill roads were closed by police. Power lines were down, telephone poles were broken, and the PPL power was out for 15 customers, said the PPL Outage Center. The power is expected to be back up by 9 pm this evening.

Tractor-trailer driver, Carlos Rodriguez said that there was nothing he could do because she pulled right in front of his truck.

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