Bridge Accident Asks Questions About Unsafe Conditions on Bridges

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January 14, 2018
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January 16, 2018

Today in Fairmount Park, a driver lost control of their vehicle and drove off of a bridge sometime in the middle of the night. The car fell off the bridge and crashed into a substation below. Afterwards, the driver of the car was taken to the hospital. Accidents happen on bridges many times a year in the U.S. for a variety of reasons. Was it the negligence of others or unsafe conditions that contribute most to these crashes?

Bridge Accidents 

bridge accidentMany of the accidents that happen on America’s bridges are not caused by the negligence of other drivers. In fact, according to a Daily News article, 260 million drivers are put at risk every single day when they drive on aging bridges across the country. Furthermore, the article shows that an alarming 66,503 bridges in America are found to have significant defects that could put drivers at risk! In some cases, a bridge accident happens because of the contributions of trucks and cars running into bridges and making them unsteady and unsafe. With infrastructure crumbling, there are many risks, and drivers may not know it but they could be risking their lives every time they enter a bridge.

This is why, more often when these types of accidents occur, you will find that a government claim must be brought when you have been injured and suffered financially due to a collapsing or unsteady bridge. The government entity in charge of the bridge could be liable for any resulting injuries or damages; however, to make a claim, there must be a thorough investigation that takes many elements into consideration.

If you have been injured on the roads in a bridge accident and you believe that the government municipality in charge of the roads or another entity is responsible, give us a call today. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we have what it takes to help you gain rightful compensation for your claim. Call us at 888-208-1810 for more info.


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