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Amity Township DUI Accident

Amity Township DUI Accident

Amity Township DUI Accident (December 27,2017) There was an Amity Township DUI accident Tuesday afternoon resulting in the apparent arrest of a female driver.

The Mercury News reported that the collision happened in the later afternoon hours on Tuesday December 26th on Route 422 in Amity Township nearby the Route 622 intersection.  According to the Mercury News report, the woman in question was at a local establishment that provided alcohol and as she left this establishment, she pulled into the eastbound traffic on Route 422 where she collided with a sport utility vehicle.

Reports from the accident scene indicated that the police from Amity Township were performing a field sobriety evaluation on the woman and that following the test, she was put into handcuffs and escorted into a police car.  In Pennsylvania, the legal maximum Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) has been 0.08% since it was reduced from 0.10% in 2003 by Act 24.  Pending the level of intoxication, this woman could face fines, licenses suspension or even jail time.

There was an ambulance from Southern Berks at the scene along with police and fire departments from Amity but no information was made available about any injuries to either the suspected intoxicated woman or the driver of the SUV.

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